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Digital prostitution or digital job opportunity in the new world of social networks?

The digital era and the missing for opportunities have become in the perfect duo that is leading thousands of young Latin-Americans towards digital prostitution, a lucrative business that is on fashion.

According to studies, nowadays in the world, there are 4,540 million people with internet access, which means the 59% of the world population. This year, the number of internet user has grown a 7%, meaning that the access to internet is getting wider and generation a boom in the new ways that people use, specially the young, to obtain incomes from home with minimal efforts.

In the last years, the tendency to digital prostitution, “sexcam”, has been getting strength in Latin-American countries, where the nice are young women and men with low economical resources, that find in this method a promise to obtain easy money.

The sexual freedom, the lack of job opportunities and the numerous applications to meet people have created a perfect scenario that impulse the young people to take this road to digital prostitution, a profitable world and of easy access.

To no one is a secret that internet has become a great source of incomes. Nowadays, all is available with only one click, which has facilitated the expansion of the sexual work industry that is highly profitable characterized by the lack of regulations. The young generation is open, risky and relax, this set of characteristics are boosting them to opt for new models of “work”, such as the sex-cam and the use of applications like Onlyfans.

The sexcam industry is no new, in fact, its popularity has reached such a level that every time more people, special the millennials, are choosing this as a proper manner of making money without major effort. Now, Onlyfans has arrives, an application that is changing the sexual work where influencers and bloggers are creating content on another level.

One of the reasons for the applications as Onlyfans has become famous is that every person has the possibility to sell the content that wants. Many influencers, youtubers, and public figures upload pictures and videos that are not allow to be posted on other social networks due to content censorship.

Onlyfans went on business in the year 2016. In the present days, it counts with more than 8 million users and close to 70 thousand content creators; the social network charges 20% of commission to the content creators, who holds the other 80% as profits.

Ever since a few month ago, the content consume in Onlyfans has risen significantly. This new on pay social network, not only, is being filled with celebrities but, also, is becoming the new salvation for young people with low economical resources, who are looking for earning money throughout X-rated content.

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