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10 best paid technical careers

Technical careers have had a great demand in the company sector in the last years. They are the perfect option if you want to learn faster, given that it takes less than a professional career. Some of these technical careers are designed in levels such as basic, intermediate and advance.

Do you want to study a technical career and not sure about which one? At The Bay Post, we share with you the 10 best paid technical career.

1. Technical in marketing

Among the characteristics for this hob, the technical in marketing will have the abilities to analyze the different markets and clients to create ideal business strategies. At the same time, the employee will plan and execute the commercial strategies. With this technical study, you can earn annually $114,000.

2. Technical in topography

This is considered as an advance level technical study. According to Universidad Andrés Bello, a person with this study is “able to do topographic surveys, requisites and ground movements for mining projects, farming, architectonic and civil engineering; reveling, processing and interpreting direct information and aerial photogrammetry”. At the same time, this information can be implemented in the realization of plans for architects and maps. If you are interested in this area, you can earn from $5,300 up to $112,000.

3. Technical in commerce

Throughout selling, this technical works in pro of guarantee the company organization. Its final function is the selling of products, goods and/or services. To work on it, you must use your knowledge in business and market studies. The job demand has been increasing, therefore, you can earn annually up to $102,000.

4. Technical in risk prevention

This technical study holds great responsibilities. It is in charge of audit, promote and evaluate the prevention in certain entities or companies; inform and expose to workers about hazard reductions; planning preventing strategies and being in charge of facing emergency cases; among other obligations.

A technical in this career that is constantly prepared, in average, annually, might earn $92,000.

5. Technical in interior architecture

You’ll work hand to hand with architects. With this career, you will turn around and give birth to different spaces to built and re-model. In general, an interior architect earns annually about $92,000.

6. Technical in instrumentation, automatization and industrial control

This technical is studied in integrating the different areas inside and outside the industry – also has the competences to mange the chain production and automation-. You are the person that deals with this field that should develop installation, execution and operation of systems of automation and control. With this, it is guaranteed that every team can offer their maximum performance. The annual incomes might reach the $90,000.

7. Technical in telecommunication

Installing, testing and repair devices that work with technological communications. They can deal in the television field with wires, radio networks, satellite and mobile telecommunication. You can earn up to $42,000 per year.

8. Technical in graphic design

If you are interested in working with advertisement agencies or editorials, enjoy the design and illustration, being a technical in graphic design is for you. Part of the job is to magnify the projects with pictures and unique and creative texts. The incomes for this technical career goes from $4,833 to $35,000.

9. Technical in industrial electronic

This professional is able to be in charge of operations in the electrical systems connected to the maintenance and machine control area, which employ electrical and electronic technology to function. They can manage fields like the auto, commercial and technology industry. The annual incomes can be of $20,000.

10. Technical in chemistry

This person has an extensive field of action among the physics, biochemistry, mining or food industry. Depending on the expertise, you can be in charge of controlling variables in productive and investigation processes. At the same time, you are able to do analysis to different types of samples. The annual income is about $14,000.

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