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10 families that rule the world

From different economical and political sectors and areas, these dynasties have been in charged of controlling and leading the world. The history of their powers started to solidify in the XVI and XVIII century. Their influence is so huge that they even have their own family shields. Here, we present you 10 of this powerful families.

  1. Oppenheimer Family

Considered the “Diamond dynasty”. The Oppenheimer family has the biggest percentage of gold reserve in the world. Although, nowadays, they manage iron, platinum and other minerals, their legacy started with Ernst Oppenheimer, who at age 16 moved and founded the diamond company. In the present time, their fortune has risen throughout four generations

  1. Walton Family

Since 2001 and according to Forbes Magazine, the Walton clan has been considered as one of the richest families in the world. They control half the retail commerce of the planet since, Sam Walton founded it on 1962 Walmart franchise.

With 12 thousand stores, on 2017, sold $500,000, which increased even more the fortune of their members of this billionaire family.

Curious fact, on 2014, summing all the stocks of the Walton family, they have a fortune of $149,000 millions.

  1. Mars Family

It is quite reserve, the members avoid facing the press and, it seems, that is the secret for their richness. There are several conspiracy stories about their fortune, but that does not change that their company, Mars Incorporated, which makes food products as M&M, Snickers and Twix, has made them the second richest dynasty.

Including the expert in family companies, Joseph Astrachan, said that the secrecy that they’ve had help them to keep in line. According to Bloomberg, their fortune increases to $126,500 millions.

  1. Rothschild Family

Founded in the middle of the XVIII century, the known house of Jewish-German Rothschild started to be notice thanks to the banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who founded international finances. Since the XIX century, they have become one of the most influential linage of bankers and financers in the globe,

They posses a great power and influence in the British and American economy.

  1. Bush Family

the aristocratic family started to be visible with the polemic senator of the United States and banker Prescott Sheldon Bush. After a time, the representative of the family in the eye of the hurricane was ex-president George H. W. Bush. Also, they have built their empire making business connections with oil, investments and commercial deals with the military sector.

  1. Rockefeller Family

This family positioned at the end of the XIX century for their vast company empire in the oil sector. The father of the dynasty was John D. Rockefeller, who was considered by Forbes as the richest man in history with $340,000 millions. Also, they have created private organisms, Trilateral Commission, which have covered topics such as capital economy and world politics.

  1. Du Pont Family

Specialized in the gunpowder area, Du Pont dynasty started with the arrival of the economist Pierre Samiel to the United States in the XVIII century. With their company, it became the principal providers of the material for the United States government, among them the military industry, for such a reason they monopolize this sector. In the last 100 years, they have increased their richness by means of the car and chemistry industry.

According to Forbes, they have accumulated more than $1,000 millions.

  1. Saúd Family

This dynasty has grown among princes. Also known as the House of Saúd, they have governed Saudi Arabia since the 30’s. Some have even said that this royal family has 25,000 members, from those, 200 have the power and position in the realm and in the foreign. They control 20% of the total reserves of oil in their country.

  1. Windsor Family

Also considered as the Royal Family, they are the governors of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and other realms of the Association of Nations. Isabel II is the current Queen, with more than 60 years in the power. She is the Queen of 16 states in the planet.

  1. Baruch Family

This family characterizes for the great influence that had the financier Bernard Mannes Baruch in the United States politics. He dedicated to be the counselor in economical affairs of five presidents in United States, among them are Woodwrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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