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10 most powerful armies in the world

According to the Military Force classification of 2020 that Global Fire Power made, this are the 10 most powerful armies in the world. To make this list, it was taken into account 50 individual factors to determine the PowerIndex score. There, it is qualify from military power, finances to logistic and geographic capacity.

  1. Military force of United States

You could say that the army of the United States occupies the first place in being one of the most powerful, and it is true since it has an annual inversion of $750 billion dollars. In the year 2019, the budget of the defense sector was about $716 billion dollars and had 1,281,900 active members, by 2020, there are 2,260,000 people.

Nowadays, it counts with a total of 13,264 airplanes, 490 goods in the navy and 6,289 tanks.

  1. Military force in Russia

Annually, it is invested $48 billion dollars in the military forces of Russia. It possess 1,013,628 active members, which refers to the 0,7% of the total population of the country. It has 12,950 war tanks, more than 4,000 airplanes and a navy force of 603 goods.

  1. Army of China

The Chinese troops receive $237 billion dollars for their army resources. Its integrates are about 2,183,000 people and it is the country with more active soldier in the world. It counts with 33,000 armored vehicles, 3,500 tanks. Also, the Air force has about 3,210 airplanes, among them, 281 combat helicopters.

  1. Military forces of India

According to Fire Power, India is one of the world leader in tanks having a total of 4,292. for 2020, it was assigned an amount of $61 billion dollars for the army. It has a 0.1% of the total population in its military forces, which is about 1,444,000. The navy has 285 equipment and its Air force has about 2,123 airplanes.

  1. Military force in Japan

Its active force is about 247,160 people. The Japanese army is made of 1,561 airplanes, the navy has 155 ships and among their vast armament, they have about 1,000 tanks. By 2020, there were assigned more than $49 billion dollars.

  1. Military force of Republic of Korea

For the Army of South Korea, there were assigned $44 billion dollars. In the present time, its Army has about 580,000 active soldiers and more than 3,000,000 people in reserve. It posses 2,614 tanks, 1,649 airplanes, and the navy has 234 goods, among them, destroyer ships and submarines.

  1. Military force of France

France assigned more than $41 billion dollars for their army. Those who are active are about 268,000 soldiers, it posses 6,028 armored vehicles, 528 tanks, 1,229 airplanes and a navy force of 180 goods in total.

  1. British Army

to the United Kingdom Army was assigned about $55 billion dollars annually. It counts with 192,660 active members, 733 airplanes, 227 tanks and the navy has 88 goods, among them, 10 submarines.

  1. Military force of Egypt

To the military force of Egypt was assigned a budget of $11 billion dollars. It counts with 440,000 active members. It has a total force of 1,054 airplanes, 4,295 tanks and a navy force of 316 goods.

  1. Military force of Brazil

The budget assigned for the military forces of Brazil was about $27,8 billion dollars. It has 334,500 active members, 715 airplanes (78 dedicated to attacking), ground forces drive 437 tanks and posses 112 goods in the navy.

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