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10 must stay at least once in your life hotels

if you want to pack your bags, get a flight ticket, leave to walk the world and take a big bite of it as soon as the pandemic for the new corona-virus CoVid-19 allows it, it means that we are alike. On The Bay Post, we present you 10 hotels that you must stay at least once in your life.

  1. Paradiso Art Hotel – Ibiza

With the idea of going to the past, Paradiso Art Hotel brings a proposal of another time. It has its own art gallery, located along the hotel and its rooms. The colours, furniture and the accommodations is inspired in the 70’s. Each spot of the place says “disco”, some of the accessories are: Marshall speakers and Smeg refrigerators.

It is located in San Antonio, San José, Ibiza. This is one of the favorite destinations to party and enjoy the sun, beach and sand. What else can you ask for?

  1. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora – French Polynesia

in the middle of crystal water and huge beaches, it is located the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. The paradisaical destination with luxurious touches, it is very famous for celebrating honeymoons. Here, you can contemplate the stars at their maximum shining.

  1. Inkaterra la Casona – Peru

The XVI century manor located in Cusco had among its customer the liberator Simón Bolívar. After being restored during five years to re-establish its original architecture, the magnificent construction counts with eleven suites, environment room with colonial furniture and pre-Colombian fabrics.

  1. Glace Hotel, Canada

Considered as one an architectural jewel, Glace hotel is carved on ice. Annually, when high temperatures arrives it must be re-constructed. It has three thematic iced bars, and a cover slide. Also, it is the best place for couple to marry due to the chapel with a capacity up to 70 sits.

If you enjoy the cold, the rooms at Glace hotel are about -3 and -5 Celsius degrees. There, you will be given with sleeping bags and pillows.

It is definitely an experience at Frozen style.

  1. Isla Pelícano, Colombia

On the Caribean sea, there is Isla Privada Pelícano. Located 35 minutes away from Cartagena, it is the luxurious house that makes part of the Islas del Rosario. It counts with three bedrooms, Jacuzzi, wide terrace and solarium. If you wish to admire the beauty and immensity of the ocean, this is the perfect place for you.

  1. The Boulders, United States

one of the most famous places in Arizona is Boulders. It is known by its rock formations, world class golf fields and magnificent spas. To assist to this luxurious hotel you have to search deep in your pockets as the clients on it are among the richest in the world.

  1. Raffles, Indonesia

This luxurious hotel chain open their doors on 1887. Its clients highlight that the environment are out of this world, filled with wild life and the immensity of the sea.

  1. The Caves Resort, Jamaica

“Blue skies, bright nights and evoking moments” are the promises of The Caves Resort. 10 km away from Seven Mile beach, this hotel offers cabins with view to the garden and bedrooms with sea view, spa, adventure and a luxurious escape from reality.

  1. Soneva Kiri, Thailand
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Fancy design inside the jungle? Well, that’s what you get at Sovena Kiri, one of the best vocational places in Thailand. It has luxurious rooms in the jungle, you can choose to book between pools with sea view or be in the bank of the beach.

  1. W Barcelona, Spain

This is the most distinctive hotel in Barcelona. It has 473 rooms and suites, and it is located in the famous coast walk of Barceloneta. There, you can fall in love with the panoramic vie of the Mediterranean sea and the city of Barcelona.

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