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10 steps you must know if buying a vehicle in Canada

From a financing perspective, diverse websites recommend to buy second hand cars in Canada to travel to the magnificent places that the country has. If you already have a driving license and want to have a vehicle, we recommend you to read the following steps and have them into account when you want to go for getting your four wheel friend.

  1. Investigate about the car you want

What type of car are you looking for? We recommend you to have into account your needs, if you like go on journeys (an SUV might be a good option), if you have a family, if you want to use it in the city or travel on the country side, etc.

Do a deep research about: the model, cylinders, internal and external characteristics and colour, so you can go to the second step.

  1. Ask to other drivers about their experience with the vehicle

If you already what you want, ask to other users about the brand, model of the car and the experiences that they have had. Also, compare prices with the ones they paid for their cars to know about the possible price of your car.

  1. make a budget

Finishing with your research about the car you want and knowing the experiences that other drivers have, Do you have the money needed?

If you don’t and don’t know how to finance it, there is a platform,, which will help you to find your vehicle at the best price. With them, you can obtain the required credit to get your dream car.

The process is economical, safe, effective and, almost 99%, guarantee. At Autos Nation, it does not matter your migratory status or credit history.

  1. Find out your credit score

If you have doubts about how to manage the credit that you get for your vehicle, there are companies in Canada that focus exclusively in helping people to take good decisions about their credit. One of them is Borrowell, in its website, you can find constant counseling and guiding that will analyze your credit profile and recommend you financing products.

At Borrowell, you will find: report monitoring and free weekly credit scores, personalize recommendations of financing products, counseling, education to improve your credit and bank level security with 256 bits encryption.

  1. Investigate about car insurance

Without it you won’t be able to go anywhere. To drive in Canada, it is necessary to have a car insurance, the minimal coverage can change depending on the province, but most of the insurances offer coverage of $1,000,000.

According to the website Toronto Hispano, for each year that you have your license in Canada, even if you don’t use it constantly, you’ll receive a discount on the insurance price.

  1. Do some preliminary inspection and driving test

This allows you to have a first approach to the car, check if there are any hits on it, scratches or something that you consider unusual. Also, check if the carpet, secures, windows, sound equipment and other elements work and are in optimal conditions.

  1. Verify the technical inspections of the vehicle

If you already found your ideal car, check with the assistance of a mechanic of trust that the vehicle is in optimal conditions. Ask to the former owner if the car has ever had recurrent failures, if it requires a change of oil in the coming months, how much used are the wheels and other questions you might have.

All this must be done so you don’t get any surprises with your new acquisition. In Ontario, the seller must give you the UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package), where there are all the specifications regarding reconstructions of the vehicle and other changes.

  1. Do security test for second hand vehicles

In Ontario and Manitoba, it must be done security test for vehicles that are sold as new or are in re-sale. You can execute the in a garage inspection or independent mobile mechanic inspection.

  1. Close the deal

If your are satisfy with the test that you have done on the vehicle, the price suits your expectations and the credit requested, you can now close the deal.

  1. Register your new acquisition

In places like Ontario, you must register any vehicle you buy to stipulate that you are the legal owner. You must have: driver license, number of the license, identification of the register, insurance, sale certificate and property tittle.

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