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10 unmissable spots to capture in New York City

New York’s architecture has been one of the greatest attractive for amateur photographers who capture the different perspectives of the city, from its skyscrapers to its museums and monuments.

There are hundreds of instragram-locations to take perfect pictures of New York, from Times Square to the Brooklyn Bridge, they are some of the most remarkable photographed spots for social networks, where thousands of people register daily theirs steps on this iconic places of the city.

10. One World Trade Centre

Taking a picture in the 6th tallest building in the world is something to cross down in your checklist to do in New York. To go up to he observation platform and have an incredible panoramic view of the city with the best possible shots to capture this beautiful city.

9. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one o the oldest bridges in the United States. It is the most famous and recognizable of New York, therefore, who doesn’t register his walking through this, one of the longest in the world, is like never being on the city at all.

8. Flatiron Building

This emblematic building located in the crossroad at Fifth Avenue and Broadway became one of the tallest edification in New York when its construction finished on 1902. For over a century, Flatarion Building has gained a huge popularity among photographers and artists that have made it into a long life symbol of New York.

7. The Vessel

This new attraction located in the hart of the Hudson yard in New York is now one of the most instragramed and popular structures of the city. Everyone wants to take a picture at this important architectural development of world wide recognition.

6. Dumbo

This colourful neighborhood next to the East River is popular due to the people coming to walk around and take pictures of the Washintong Street, which is a cobblestone street surrounded by cobbled buildings and where you can, also, take pictures of the place with the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park in the background.

5. Gran Central Station

The Gran Central is the home of biggest train lines that come in and out of the city. Daily, thousands of people transit this emblematic location and, what is better, its entrance to the station is free, so you can enter as you wish just to take pictures, which you could do to capture the incredible structure of the place.

4. Time Square

The crowd and the neon lights meet at Times Square, just in the heart of the Manhattan theater district, where hundreds of people arrive to walk the pedestrian square, to visit the stores, see the incredible advertisements signs and, of course, to take a perfect picture.

3. Statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty with its 46 metres high is located in the New York port and is one of the iconic symbols of the American life. This symbolic monument represents democracy all over the world. It was launched on 1886 and since 1924 has been considered a national monument.

2. Central Park

Inside the concrete jungle, it is Central Park. The biggest urban park in New York and one of the biggest in the world. It has 4 km long and offers a perfect combination of the skyscrapers of the city and the green forest area. Tourist have a great amount of locations to take pictures in it, being some of them by the lakes, on the trails, skate tracks or children’s playground.

  1. Empire State Building

This building of 102 floors is one of the most photographed skyscrapers in New York. Located in the intersection between the Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street is the Empire State Building. It is one of the most iconic and known buildings in the whole world.

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