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10 worst paid jobs in Canada

The cost of living in Canada has significantly increased in the last years, and, while the rent and the basic services cost keep increasing, some jobs are still having the same low salaries.

Statistics Canada has been in-charged of determine which occupations offer the best and worst job opportunities. The following 10 jobs are giving the lowest salaries in all the country.

Some of these occupations are searching for workers outside the country due to cheaper labor costs, while other offers are becoming obsolete as time passes.

10. Field Collector

Annual average salary: $21,840

9. General office employee

Annual average salary: $33,280

8. Green house worker

Annual average salary: $24,440

7. Technician in animal care and vet

Annual average salary: $36,000

6. Restaurant and food service manager

Annual average salary: $36,096

5. Taxi and limousine driver

Annual average salary: $28,032

4. Children caretaker

Annual average salary: $26,976

3. Industrial sewing machine operator

Annual average salary: $26,688

2. Food and beverage services workers

Annual average salary: $23,090

  1. Bartender

Annual average salary: $23,090

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