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5 facts about migrating to another country that no one tells you

No one said that it would be easy to leave and live in another place in the world. To take the decision of moving from your mother land and go out searching for new opportunities, and not die trying, is the path of millions of people. But, How easy or hard is to take this risk? Here, we tell you 5 trues of emigrating to an unknown destiny.

  1. Have money for emigrating

Most likely, if you decide to leave your country and go for reaching your goals, means that you will get a job in mind or you’ll search for one as soon as possible. Those places in the world that welcome the foreign citizens that want to go to live in the country, those places wish that those people soon enough start producing in the country.

We recommend you to have financial savings enough to support your search for a job or an emergency. Check how much the minimum wage is and the cost of living in the destination so you can calculate the journey.

  1. Emigrate with your family does not have to be complicated

Usually, it is believed that it is easier to arrive to a new country being single. But, on the contrary, there are more advantages when migrating with the family than being alone. Countries, as Canada, offer the possibility to migrate using its studying programs, which requires to be enrolled in a public college in a studies program.

The North American country counts with a score procedure which is called Integral Qualification System. This system qualifies by scoring your profile with the following criteria: ability with the languages, age, work experience, adaptability, studies, etc. If you are traveling with your couple the score of both is summed up.

  1. There are best paid jobs

Remember that if you arrive to a new country, you’ll require to adapt to it and not the other way around. Every nation has working sectors that are stronger and more important than others, this would depend on the small, medium and big companies, also, on the products or services that are essential for its functionality. So, have an open mind while you settle and have a better economical stability.

  1. There are companies created for immigrants that help to generate jobs

As the site El Universal assures, “more companies means more jobs” and not only for immigrants, also, for native people. So, if you wish, you can rely on local companies that need a hand to grow, you help them and they help you back.

  1. Choose wisely where to live

In the website Vivir al Maximo, Ángel Alegre, share some tips to not fail trying to move to another country. There, he says about the importance about feeling your house as a “castle or shelter”. Therefore, he advises to stay close to your workplace, to supermarkets, gym zones or parks. This would help you to optimize your time.

To migrate is not an easy decision. So, do it calmly, enjoy the process and live the experience.

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