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5 fears that successful people overcome to reach their goals

Have you heard the phrase “don’t be afraid of success”? Have you ever thought that you’ve lost due to panic? Here, we tell you 5 fears that successful people overcome to accomplish their goals.

  1. Fear to failure

We could say that this is the first level of fear. From here on the person is stopped from trying any action to progress and prefers to say in the comfort zone. But remember, failure is a wonderful teacher.

Who has already faced this fear knows that when you touch the bottom there no other option to go up. So, go out and give your best in what you like, if it works out, perfect; if not, something will be learned to help you reach your goals

  1. Fear to criticism

to live from others words stops you from being who you want. This is born from fear itself. In other words, from the ego or inner child that is hurt. According to Canadian writer, Lise Bourbeau, there are five wounds inherent to the human being, which are adopted during the first years of life. In this case, it is opening a wound to “humiliation”, in it there is a low overconfidence and it generates problems to connect with the world. It is common in the own family and closest circles.

These wounds are heal only when you are conscious about it. So, don’t feel guilty about it.

People who overcame this fear know that there no need for others approbation to dream big. If you feel this is hard, think about what other say when you overcome it and reach your goals.

  1. Fear to change and the future

for the human brain, change is terrifying and bigger than what it really is. When thinking about how life can change in five or ten years makes you feel uncertainty or anguish, you are letting fear to change and future take over your life.

Successful people do not see fear as an enemy but as a counselor. They know what they want or what they don’t. Therefore, visualize the changes that you want to bring to your life, a positive view and receive it with constant gratefulness. Authors, as Eckhart Tolle, promote what we exposed with the phrase “we attract want we think”.

  1. Fear to success

It is when the unconscious or “ego” self-sabotage to avoid reaching the results you want. This can make opportunities to vanish, it makes you feel unable to reach your objectives.

According to author and mentor, Monica Fuste, the reason for having fear to success is due to the meaning we give it. Also, the author says that all the causes that produces this fear are believes and messages that we tell ourselves about the consequences of that possible success.

  1. Fear to be judged

we have always heard that we are social beings, which means that we need to share and live with others. The fear to be judged or social fobia, as the fear to criticism, stops us from doing anything. People who suffer from this usually stay away from other to avoid any kind of comments that can “hurt” them.

People who are highly successful know that their job is to move forward by themselves and not rely on any external approval.

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