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5 most epic islands on sale right now!

Private islands are considered as a luxurious good since several personalities from the entertainment and politic world enjoy this type of properties. Although, you might thing that this are quiet expensive to buy, it is higher the cost of taking care of them. At this moment, there are big offers to acquire these private “pieces of land”.

Have you imagined with travelling to a heavenly place and stay living there? Here, we share with you 5 most epic islands on sale at this moment.

  1. Rangyai island

This private island of 110,000 acres is located in Thailand, Asia, and, nowadays, it is the biggest on sale in the region. It has a value of $160,000,000 and can be a great investment if you wish to open it to tourists due to the Phuket and Coconut islands are close and bring a big number of visitors.

This magnificent island counts with wonderful beaches and tropical forests, but, if you want to leave due to an emergency, Rangyai is 20 minutes from Phuket airport and 10 minutes away on boat to the closest city.

  1. Cayo Cave
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With a price of $60,000,000, this inhabitable island of 70,000 square feet seems to be taken out of a fiction story. It is located in the Bahamas, it counts with a flouting dock system, 35 docks and one private and extensive airport runaway.

According to Vladi Private Islands, it is “one of the most beautiful in the world”. Considered to be self-sustaining having water, solar energy and energy from diesel generators. At the same time, the main house is finished as the stuff areas.

  1. Spectabilis Island
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Spectabilis island is located in Exuma, Bahamas. The lifetime property of 460,000 acres has a price of $62,000,000. It is totally private, 60 miles away from the capital and 230 miles from Miami. Some of the luxuries are: hills that allow to have a great view, heliport for planes access, ramp for hydro-planes, private airport runaway. Also, it has a canal for water access deep enough for yachts to arrive to the island.

  1. Pumpkin Key
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In Florida, United States, it is located the life-length property of 26 aces called Pumpkin Key. Its price is $95,000,000 and it is close to Key Largo. From South Beach Miami to the island, it takes about 10 minutes in helicopter. It is an ideal opportunity if you are looking for having “privacy without isolation”.

The island counts with a main house of three bedrooms, two cabins and an apartment for the dock manager. Also, it has a tennis field, trails for golf cars and fishing zones.

  1. Ifuru Resort with airport and virgin island
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In the Maldivas, Asia, it is on sale the Resort Ifuru island for a value of $65,000,000. According to the seller, the extra “package” that comes with the island is an airport, which is ideal if you want to make a business out of it in the future.

The property covers 56,52 acres and has 150 villages, which would allow to have 300 people inside the island. It possess restaurants, bar, nightclub, pools, boutique, arrival halls, spa, steam room, tennis field, badminton court, clinic, gym, kids area and aquatic sport centre.

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