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Apple launches iPhone 12 models. Here are the details

On Tuesday 13th of the month of October, it took place the special event from Apple company in which were presented all the news regarding the iPhone 12 model, the most anticipated launch for the lovers of Apple Inc.

Once the company published the attractive slogan “Hi, speed” announcing that the special Apple Event was going to take place, there were rumors and expectation about the two new iPhones being the successor of the flagship model of the iPhone 11 Pro, Pro-Max and other two models of lower range.

Finally, the informational giant showed to the world its new smartphone that comes in four sizes. The opening event, “Hi, Speed”, was in charged of Tim Cook, Apple CEO, who announced a new intelligent speaker named HomePod Mini. It has a controller, two passive radiators and integrates a S5 chip from Apple. It integrates computational audio to adjust the volume and dynamic range, with the idea to optimize the user’s experience.

Apple has presented officially its new iPhone and, as already happened in previous events, it was made specially due to the pandemic for the new CoVid-19. There was not on-stage presentation, nor assistants, everything was done on streaming, online. In the launch, it was presented the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro-Max. The devices would have compatibility with 5G networks and incorporates the new A14 processor from Apple with the iOS 14.

Apple ride on the 5G wave with its 4 iPhones, two basic versions and two high range models. With prices of 809, 909 and 999 and 1,099 dollars for each o their models, although, the highest range model might reach up to 1,399 dollars.

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro open their stocks on October 16th with a launch on October 23rd. While, the Mini and Pro-Max might be book on November 6th and be able to buy it on November 13th.

All iPhone 12 models include a USB C wire with Lightning connection. The box would be 70% more reduced and would lose some current accessories. It was confirmed that the Mini Model is the 5G device “smallest, finest and lightest” of the market.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 integrates the A14 Bionic chip, of 5 nanometres, the same that integrates the iPad Air. It has a CPU of 6 cores and GPU of 4 cores. Besides, it counts with 11,8 transistor, which is almost 40% more than it offers the A13 chip. The neuronal motor has 16 cores and it can done 11 billion operations per second.

Colours blue, green, red, white and black are available in this new iPhone with plain edges and 11% thinner than the iPhone 11, as 15% smaller and 16% lighter.

iphone 12 counts with super Retina XDR, with 460 ppi resolution, which implies the double of pixels that the iPhone 11. it offers 1,200 nits and support Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR 10. It is water proof (IP 68) and allows to record videos in 4K at 60 frames per second. Besides, the back camera has a dual lens, both of 12 MP and an ultra grand angular of 120°. it employs automatic learning to identify scenes and objects to reach the best shots. It would be sell at a starting price of $799 USD.

iPhone 12 mini

It counts with the same size of the iPhone 8, but without the edge of the screen, therefore, it makes it bigger with a screen of 5,4 inches. The iPhone 12 Mini has the same characteristics that the iPhone 12 but it comes a smaller size and, also, it is more economical. It has a price of $699 USD.

iPhone 12 Pro y Pro Max

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The iPhone 12 Pro has stainless steel edges, the available colours are: silver, black, gold and blue. Both models come with a IP68 certification, which allows them to resist immersion in water up to 6 metres until 30 minutes and integrates Super Retina XDR screens.

The iPhone 12 Pro integrates a 6,1 inches screen and the Pro-Max has 6,7 inches. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro-Max would be available with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. They could be nook online from November 6th and deliveries would be made since November 13th. The iPhone 12 Pro of 128GB would be commercialize to $999 USD and the iPhone 12 Pro-Max would be sold at $1,099 USD.

Both models have an A14 processor faster and more updated cameras and they use more sharp picture OLED screens. The new phones also admit a new magnetic wireless charger version named MafSafe.

The iPhone 12 Pro model also counts with a new Apple ProRAW, which arrives at the end of the year, that combines the processing of images of multiple frames and the computational photography of Apple with a RAW format.

The iPhone 12 Pro counts with a new wide camera with seven element lens with an opening ƒ/ 1,6. The ultra grand angular camera of 120° allows to capture a wider scene. Also, it counts with a tele-objective camera of 52 mm of focal length that increases the reach of the optic zoom to 4x.

Homepod Mini 

The Homepod Mini has a price of $99 USD. It counts with a S5 support that is integrated with iPhone and allows to recognize the voice of each member of the house. From the speaker, you can interact with Siri to ask for information, play a song or remember us registered activities in our agenda. The speaker is compatible with iPhone, iPad, CarPlay and Apple Watch. It comes in white and gray colours and it could be book from November 6th but the deliveries would be done on November 16th.

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