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Big house in the Niagara or a small apartment in downtown Toronto, which one do you prefer?

In the last months in Canada, there has been presenting a tendency in crescendo in which, every time, more inhabitants from Toronto leave their apartments and houses in the city to go to the suburbs. This has happened since many people search for more spacious properties and, if possible, surrounded by nature.

This tendency is probably due to the long season of quarantine that many people from the city had to live, most of them in small spaces and, besides, the increase of teleworking.

Before the pandemic from the new corona-virus arrived, the real estate market it Toronto had an endless demand of anxious buyers that ended up in an increase of the selling and rent prices.

This was strongly reduced when the government establishes the quarantine and more people have the opportunity to work from their houses.

As going to the office was no longer a daily necessity, more people started to experience a desire for living out of Toronto in properties with lower prices and, even, more spacious for them and their families.

Therefore, some people are asking to themselves if it’s better to have a properties in the centre of the 5th biggest metropolis of North America, or if it is better to buy a house in the suburbs.

This is a relative question and might change depending on the necessities of each family or person. Nevertheless, in the Niagara region, it is possible to find good properties under the price of $500,000, while, in Toronto, uni-family and terrace houses are sold for over $1 million.

In Niagara, the price index of a house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms was about $456,400 on May.

Then, for a much lower price is possible to have a more spacious and comfortable house in Niagara, which definitely is an important advantage.

Additionally, many people consider that leaving Toronto and its vibrant environment for living in the suburbs is an opportunity to have a more quiet and less agitating life style, which is usually what families wish for.

Some workers that have to go to their offices just once or twice a week are also willing to leave Toronto and make a longer drive to be able to have more rooms where they can work comfortable without feeling suffocated by their couples, as it use to happen in small spaces such as city apartments.

Some benefits of living in the city has vanished for some inhabitants of Toronto, with meetings being restricted –which are some of the biggest ways of entertainment–, including concerts, closed restaurants and professional sport events. Besides, some are fearing a second wave of the new corona-virus could lead to a mandatory quarantine, which could be lived more peacefully in a more spacious property and with nature that provides fresh air to breath.

This has made that more people re-evaluate their life style and that, perhaps, prefer the comfort and space over the city life.

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