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How can affect the United States presidential elections to Canada?

It is not irrelevant that the president and candidate for reelection, Donald Trump, and the former vice-president and democrat candidate, Joe Biden, have proposals and thoughts way different in topics such as international commerce, energy, environment, national defense, borders, migration and diplomatic relations with China. All of this topics, depending on the winner, could affect or benefit Canada.

Now, we are going to take a look at four possible scenarios based on the reports made by CBC News.

International Commerce

According to CBC News, regarding the international commerce “Canada depends extraordinary on the United States market, which buys almost three out of four part of the exportation”. To Donald Trump, one option is to impose again taxes on the aluminum; on the other hand, Joe Biden would leave aside this proposal with the taxes to the iron. Additionally, Biden would look for be part again of the United States in Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Energy and environment

on the matter of Energy and environment, Biden will be after canceling the permission that president Trump has for the oil pipeline Keystone XL from Canada, property of TC Energy and Alberta government, to be later duplicate. The analyst from Price Street Toronto, Rory Johnston, is not sure that Biden is conscious that if he cancels the project, at the same time, he would end with the work in that sector, this, in the middle of the economical issues that the world is experience due to the pandemic of the CoVid-19.

For Trump, the primordial would be to increase the oil perforations. In fact, a few months ago, it was announced a border permission to develop railway project, which in the future could send Canadian oil throughout Alaska.

Other topic to consider is the Paris agreement. The democrat candidate will look to be part of such agreement and propose to make a report about the climatic change to qualify the performance of the countries regarding the fulfillment of the reduction of emissions. If they do not fulfill it, he will impose the increase of commercial taxes. This could affect Canada since the country is looking to fulfill the commitment to reduce this emissions, but think that not enough is being done to execute it properly.


Donald Trump has highlighted for having strict politics for immigrants. He would search to end to the temporal humanitarian protection and diminish the number of refugees that arrive to the North American country, which could generate tension in the Canadian boarders.

On the other side, Joe Biden has said that he will reverse the block to the visas H1-B that established Trump on his period, he will increase the refugees in United States to 125,000 people and he would examine the decision of putting an end to the humanitarian protection for immigrants.

Diplomatic relations with China

To no one is a secret the struggles that United States and China has been having for some time now. This has brought serious inconveniences to Canada regarding the producers of meat, beef, pig and canola.

Trump has been I charged of consolidating the constant fight between the eastern county and the United States. This encounters have affected the WHO, OMC, farming, education, technologies and journalism.

Biden hopes to change the view to more encouraging situations. He wish to centre the speech and a plan to make it is to summon a meeting of democracies to discuss the ways that the government and different sectors could stand a position against the global authoritarianism.

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