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How to avoid identity robbery online?

To no one is a secret that the technological advances have facilitated many works, but, in the last decade, many cases have been known about the robbery of identity that is happening in the cybernetic world.

Communication medias as Telemundo, CNBC chain, the website El Economista and others, have done reports and columns about the usual that has become the robbery of identity, either way on the social networks, e-mails or “spam” messages.

Silvia Henao of the CNBC chain, exposed that in the year 2019, “16 billion dollars were stolen virtually”. This kind of assaults can be done throughout the steal of identity.

In a column published by the Colombian media, Diario de Occidente, it was explained by the security expert in E-mails of the Valimail company, Gabriel Murcia, that the cybernetic attacks increased a 4,000% among the months of April and May of 2020. All this as a consequence of the world-wide situation that we are experience for the CoVid-19.

For Valimail, “96% of the cyber-attacks start with an E-mail and 68% of these come from new accounts”. He also added that every attack can last just twelve minutes.

To avoid this from happening, it is important to acquire a protection plan against the robbery of identity. There are companies dedicated to this work, for example, the Canadian enterprise Mogo is in charge of giving protection against the fraud of digital identity for free.

According to Mogo, on the year 2020, 75% of the Canadians were affected by data violation. It is explained that, instead of this, the thieves can benefit from you creating bank accounts, getting credit cards or, even, getting mortgages.

MogoProtect from the hand of Equifax, can offer you daily supervision to detect if there are threads and, if so, it will send you notifications and e-mails to warn you.

But that it’s not all, also, with the creation of an account, they offer you free monitoring of your credit score so you are aware of your financial health.

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