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What is the monthly income to buy a house in Canada?

The minimum wage in Canada is measured to a provincial level, which creates living and housing cost differences between cities. The following presented salaries are free of federal and provincial taxes and they are used as example to analyze which should be the monthly income to be able to buy a house in the North American country.

In cities as Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton, in Ontario, the monthly wage is $2,240; in Montreal and Quebec City, Quebec is about $2,096; for Calgary and Edmonton, in Alberta, the monthly wage is about $2,400; and in Vancouver, British Columbia, is is around $2,336.

According to the census in 2017 of the Canadian government, the living cost in some main cities are: Quebec $14,533; Ontario $20,806; Alberta $21,068; and British Columbia $21,844.

In agreement with some real estate websites, in Ontario, you can buy/sell houses with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and over 100 square metres, from $2,800 until $7,298,000. In Quebec, a place with the same description given above can be found with prices from $225,000 up to $1,200,000. In Alberta, prices goes around$109,900 to $5,700,000. Finally, in British Columbia, they are about $99,000 to $6,499,000.

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