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10 jobs that can pay more than $50 per hour

We agree that finding a job where payment is good enough is not easy. Nevertheless, there is a list of opportunities to get a well paid job.

Jobs that pay more than $50 an hour are in different industries and, generally, they require a deep knowledge, years of experience and education.

10. Political scientist

They are responsible to develop and prove political theories as evaluate the impact of the government politics and laws. The average salary requires years of study, in particular a master degree or a doctorate in political sciences or public administration.

9. Orthodontist

According with “Indeed”, the average annual salary of an orthodontist is $260,262. But, to obtain a salary of this level, it requires approximately 10 years of study and more working experience.

8. Administrative services manager

Planning, directing and coordinating the support services of an organization is the function to be developed by the administrative services manager, which in general terms supervises the activities that include the maintenance of records, distribution of mail and maintenance of the office. The average salary per hour is $51,65.

7. Software developer

Generally, the jobs related with software system, applications or mobile devices developers offer profitable salaries. The average salary per hour is $51,77.

6. Practitioner nurse

In spite of being a job that generates high incomes, it requires great sacrifices. To illustrate, these professionals work in long shifts giving medical assistance to a variety of patients, they have big exposition to infectious sickness and can be demanding physical and emotional. The average salary is $54,78 per hour.

5. Commercial pilot

A commercial pilot controls a plane with passenger on board and he assures that they arrive to their destination safely. Per year, they earn approximately $86,000.

4. Registered nurse

The salaries of the registered nurses in North America are among the best in the world. The average salary per hour of a registered nurse is $51,50. Also, it is expected that the salaries keep growing thanks to factors that include a major demand in preventing attention, the retirement of the “baby boom” generation, the access of a better medical technology and a major coverage in health.

3. Computing scientist

Usually, most of the computing scientist have a doctorate. They are in charge of investigating everything, since informatics algorithms until programming language and software properties. The salary of a computing scientist is $53,66 per hour.

2. Marketing director

The marketing managers help to direct the advertisement strategies, promotions and sales of a company with the objective of improving the reputation of the company and increase its incomes. Usually, a marketing manager earns $51,34 per hour.

1. Public relations manager

They are responsible to maintain the public image of a brand or companies writing press communications, giving speeches or thinking advertisement programs. An issue and the corporate image of the company could be destroyed. The average salary is $55,19 per hour.

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