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10 Jobs that pay you while traveling

If you are one of the people who enjoy knowing different paradises, cities or regions, and you like to do it frequently but you rely on a job that does not allow you leave your city. Here, we share with you 10 occupations that would keep you traveling around the world while generating incomes.

From before the pandemic, according to data from the Working Statistic Office of the United States between 2017 and 2018, more than 42 million workers could perform their occupations remotely, but some prefer to assist to the physical centres of the offices and others decide to divide their time between being in the company and their houses.

  1. Flight attendant

Generally, the beginnings of this profession starts in the homeland of every person; after a certain time, they are allow to assist to international flights. The number of travels and duration would depend on the flight company, time of the year and destination.

According to the National Aeronautic Syndicate, in Europe, a flight attendant is paid monthly €3.742, which translate in US$4.436,63.

  1. Influencer

Influencers have been the “boom” of the social networks since eight or nine years ago. The people that dedicate to this digital platforms 100% of their time, they can share experiences with their followers about their day to day, activities and journeys for work or for fun.

According to the Blog Carlicas, the brands can pay for a post on the social networks plus a video in YouTube: US$250 if the person has between 50 thousand and 99 thousand followers: US$500 and US$1,000 if your subscribers are about 200 thousand; around US$1,000 and US$5,000 if you are about 250 thousand followers; and, US$10,000 when your virtual community is of several millions and there are a lot of interactions.

  1. Cruiser crew

The website ThoughtCo collected the data from different salaries that can exist in the cruiser world. There, it was expressed that in United States, monthly, a captain can earn about US$6,000 and US$10,000; an assistant about US$5,000 and US$7,000; and a first official around US$4,000 and US$5,000.

But, if you are interested in working with less experience, but, also important, you can opt to be part of the cleaning team, which earn about US$500 and US$600 per month; the dinning crew get about US$350 and US$500 per week as some contracts depend on the periods that the trajectories have.

  1. Airbnb

You could earn money by renting your house! One of the advantages that this type of services have is that you can decide the price of your housing. It would depend of the interested visitors if they want to take it or not. If you are out traveling a lot and don’t want to leave your house alone or require extra incomes, Airbnb is a good option.

From, it is advised to establish personalized prices for high seasons, weekends and/or nights if you want to control how much you are paid.

For example, according to data collected from Latinamerica Post, a condo housing that has bed for two people and a bathroom, in Bogotá, Colombia, can have a price of US$68 per day; in Buenos Aires, Argentina, US$68; Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico US$75; Lima, Peru US$36; and, Ciudad de Panama, Panama US$139.

  1. Photographer

There are more press agencies and tourism require photographic material for their documents, websites or files.

According to the standard prices of United States for 2020, a semi professional photographer can charge more than US$100 per session; a professional earns US$270 per hour and a superior professional more than US$550 per hour.

  1. International humanitarian worker

If yo are a passionate person for helping others and want to travel to other countries, being an international humanitarian worker could interest you.

According to the UN Agency for refugees, this type of work is called “profitable volunteer work”, which bases from the connection of an NGO so the payments can be done from them in exchange for working with them in the humanitarian area.

  1. Working on your vacations

You can request a Working Holiday Visa, which consist in going to work to a certain country that manages that program like Australia or New Zealand. On your vacations, you stay working for a period of six months or a year and you can know the zone where you live.

Inside the requirements demanded by the Australian government, you should have between 18 to 30 years and have the passport of your country or location.

  1. Work for Google Street View

If you want to travel for free around the world and wait to know new cultures and places, Google would take you to the most exotic places to map it.

How does it work? You should use a Trekker backpack with camera, register different destinations (streets, mountains, rivers) and give it to Google to be included inside its mapping services.

  1. Musical stars manager

The music industry is one of the most earn money in the world as the entertainment sector is one of the most requested.

Managers must companion their artist to every concert and tour, this allows them to know different countries in record time as this events are usually done one day after the other.

  1. Hotel tester

Seems like a dream job and it is as different hotels have opted for hiring testers that are willing to stay in the best hotels of the world.

A person that wants to work in this position could earn up to US$120,000 per year, out of the bonus that are usually given for flight tickets, food, non-alcoholic beverages and housing.

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