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A new law in Canada promotes data and personal information protection to its citizens

Canada’s government communicated past Wednesday that it has been planning a new law project to protect the data of the Canadians. One of the fines relates to those companies that violate the norms would have to pay up to 5% of their incomes or $25 millions dollars.

In the press communication, it was shared that the government of Canada compromises to guarantee that the Canadians can interact in the digital space trusting that their personal information is safe and that their privacy is respected.

The person in charged to present the Digital Letter Implementation Law on 2020 was the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Navdeep Bains. This measure modernizes the regulations to protect the personal information in the private sector.

According to the government, this law would allow to increase the control and transparency when the companies administrate the personal information of the Canadians. It gives the freedom to the citizens to translate their information from one organization to another safely and guarantee that, if they wish it, they can demand that their information is sent to an specific entity.

Even, the Privacy Commissioner would receive the power to do requests, including the capacity to force an organization to do what it had to and the capacity to order a company that strop compiling data or using personal information.

Even though, one of the news that called the attention the most was the announcement of Bains about imposing strongest fines between the privacy laws of G7. Related to this, he shared that the fines would ascend up to 5% of the incomes or $25 millions, whichever is higher for the worst felonies.

According to the compiled data for Canada Statistics, quoted by RCI on 2018, 57% of the citizens that were connected to the network reported certain incidents regarding to their online security.

Based on the communication, the implementation of this law would create a base of trust and transparency among the citizens, companies and government. Besides, they added that proposing to modernize the Privacy Law, which applies to the public federal sector and it is supervised by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Finally, Navdeep Bains assured that the pandemic CoVid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation that has changed the way in which Canadian work, access to information, access to services and connect to their beloved ones. This transformation is doing that the concerns about privacy and how the companies administrate the Canadian data are becoming more important than ever.

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