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Are virtual influencers taking over the real influencers?

From some time ago, virtual influencers have been getting on the spotlight, but since the CoVid-19 pandemic, they have taken over the spectrum of the human influencers.

One of them is Seraphine, who was created by Rio Games Inc., the same creators behind the successful game League of Legends. This character have already over 416 thousand followers on Instagram. Seraphine, who has a sweet, gentle and “kinky” appearance, is also a music star.

Seraphine share pictures of her day to day. You can see her using mask for her skin, sitting right before recording in the studio, relaxing while taking a sunbath and doing the famous “tbt”, or “throwback Thursday”.

Picture of @seradotwav

According to data from Business Insider Intellegence, it is expected that by 2022 the companies invest over USD$15,000 millions annually in marketing from influencers. By 2019, there were used up to USD$8,000 millions between the two types of content creators.

For founder, Christopher Travers, “it is cheaper to work with them (virtual people) than with humans in the long term, they are 100% controllable, they can appear in many locations at the same time, and, what is most important, they never age or die”.

It is believed that this influencers already sum more than 5,000 accounts on Youtube.

Miquela is another virtual influencer, who have worked with brands as Calvin Klein and Prada, and she already have over 2.8 millions of followers on Instragram. OnBuy assures that the company of this fiction model will win by the end of 2020 USD$11.7 millions.

Companies as Riot Games, Superplastic Inc., Ventures, SV Angels, Scooter Braun and AWW Inc., have worked and invested in this projects as their earnings are promesing.

The director of AWW Inc., Yumi An Anzai, creator of the digital influencer Imma, shared that they base their style according to “how foreign people think about Japan”. She added that Imma project was thought as something artistic, but not as a marketing tool, but, eventually, the market support her.

For Superplastic founder, Paul Budnitz, the great advantage that these cybernetic characters have is that “due to living so much in the physical world as in the digital, there is not really a limit for their universe”, which brings infinite number of opportunities to create content.

Some of the most promising virtual influencers are:

Lil Miquela – @lilmiquela en Instagram. She has 2.8 million followers.

Picture of @Lilmaquela

Seraphine – @seradotwav en Instagram. She has over 416 thousand followers.

Picture of @seradotwav

Imma – @imma.gram en Instagram. She has about 312 thousand followers.

Picture of @Imma.gram

Noonnoouri – @noonnoouri en Instagram. She has about 365 thousand followers.

Picture of @noonoouri

Blawko – @blawko22 en Instagram. He has about 152 thousand followers.

Picture of @Blawko22

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