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How much earn the different professionals per year in Canada?

If you are interested in going to work to Canada, you must take into account that the salaries are paid according to the current media, which is C$159,000 per year, the experience factor that you have in charge or the sector, you level of education and the province where you are.

Here, we share how much in average the different professionals earn per year.

  1. Health sector

In average, if someone is starting in the health and the social services sector, for an hour of work, you can earn C$27,91; which means that those who dedicate to these labors earn C$53,587 per year.

In case that you are a specialized doctor, the salary per hour is C$86,75; if you are a nurse, you’ll be earning C$40,42; dentist would receive about C$20,03; if you work in microbiology, the amount would be about C$25,00; a radiologist will be paid C$82,36; an ophthalmologist is paid C$153,81; an oncologist earns C$192,17; and, if you work in the area of pediatrics or is anesthetists, they ear C$83,39.

  1. Construction sector

If your source of incomes is in the construction sector, a worker in that industry earns per hour C$25,37, which translates in C$48,710 per year.

The average salary per hour in the area of business and constructions is C$21,54; a civil engineer is C$30,77; a manager engineer earns C$58,30; an architect is paid about C$42,91 and C$81,30; a soldier earns C$22,50; a construction manager is paid C$41,03; and, a worker is about C$17,00.

  1. Technology sector

According to, in Calgary, Alberta, it is paid the best salary for software developers. A working hour is about C$19,41, which means that in a year, you could earn C$37,850.

Inside the industry, a UX designer earns per hour C$40,00; a TI developer is paid C$37,38; a TI solution architect earns C$45,72; a system engineer gets C$45,92; a digital marketing specialist has between C$29,49 and C$46,57 per hour; a professional in Project Manager earns about C$44,36 and C$75,41, this last one is considered as one of the best paid.

  1. Financing sector

Toronto is considered as “the financing capital of Canada”. Diverse websites agree that in Toronto, there are the best salaries for those who work in the financing sector. The average salary per hour of a person that performs in this industry is C$32,21, which means C$61,836 per year.

A financing manager that is in a senior level earns C$51,28 per hour; a corporate seller earns about C$54,80 and C$73,30; an accountant is paid C$17; and economist is C$39,19; and, a bank manager is C$41,03.

  1. Hotel sector

The hotel sector is one of the industries that earns the most in the world as housing and restaurants have an offer in increasing demand. The workers in hotels and other places can ear C$16,54 per hour, which means C$21,756 per year.

If you are interested in being a hotel manager, in Canada, they will be paid C$36,10 per hour and if it is attractive to work in reception and receiving to those that want to stay in the hotel where they work, they will earn C$17.

But, if you are interested in the moving world of restaurants, a waiter is paid C$13,10 per hour; a barman earns C$11,50; a sous chef is paid C$16; and, a cashier earns C$13,95.

  1. Education sector

In average, university professors have an income of C$58,10 per hour, which translates in C$111,552 per year. School teachers earn about C$25,85 for a 60 minutes class.

The lowest that a teacher earns in Canada is C$15,38 per hour.

  1. Humanities sector

Humanities are divided in three areas: social communication, public relations and human resources.

A social communicator that works as a journalist earns C$19,49 per hour; for those that work in advertisement, marketing and public relations, the average of earnings is C$28,96.

But, if your area is human resources, a manager earns C$30,87, which is one of the best salaries as they search for those who occupies the charges that people with knowledge in system information and tracking the specific candidates for the companies where they want to work.

The previous information were compared and complemented using the websites, Glassdoor,, You Too Project, Information Planet, Panamerican World and Vivir Canadá.

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