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How to become a software developer without going to the university and not die trying

If you are passionate about software development, want to learn by yourself, but you are scared of not getting a job for not having a university degree, do not worry. Here, we tell you how to work in this area and not die trying.

  1. There are online courses of programming

Some of the courses to become a software developers are free. These teach you basic fundamentals of programming. For example, you can search in edX, Platzi and campusMVP, you just need to take into account that time must be dedicated to it.

2. Analyze which applications are being used in the current time

According to the blog Velneo, if you are interested in becoming a successful software developer, you must study the type of code that is being used in the current days, so, you can learn to used them and could start to understand the updates of the industry without you getting lost in the road.

In this website, we recommend you to consume what you already have by hand, meaning the websites, software and installed applications in your devices. Besides, search for the type of software that are used the most and what types there are as they can be developed for games and business for scientific areas.

3. Learn the bases first

if you decide to take a course or like to watch YouTube videos about software developer, you can start to practice with easy language. Several websites recommend that at the moment of starting, it is good Ruby language as it is “kind” with those who are new in this world.

4. Read programming books

According to Velneo, the books can be very useful when you want to learn about a software developer as those who write them usually are the best programmers. This would allow you to have a guide of the best regarding coding. Besides, you would just need to experiment.

5. Take advantage of your curiosity

In this case, when you already manages a language and believe that you can start there, you could transit quickly toward other languages. Although, every one of them has its own “magic”, you won’t be so lost as the first time that you started in the developers world.

6. Apply what you learned

If you think that you already know a little more about software developing, it is the time to practice. This is the only way to become an expert and you could compete with those who decided to take the road of university learning.

7. Ask for advice to expert developers

You can be part of a community that is interested in learning about the developers world, or might have friends that have been working in this industry for some time now and you might like their codes as it is moment to ask for advises.

When doing so, they could see the mistakes that you might have omitted or tips that can make more complete and dynamic the language you are applying. Take this constructive critics, make them yours and create something complete unique.

8. Show your abilities

If you already sent your CV to a company that it’s interested in hiring a web developer and you overcome the first filters but are nervous by the final response and you believe yourself to be good, the company would value what you know, the coding that you learned to write and your knowledge about computing architecture, all these according to the website of CampusMVP. Not having a university degree won’t be an impediment for you to get hired.

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