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How to start investing if you have little money?

Investors that have a time in the market suggest that the best moment to invest in now! Independently, whether you have plenty or little capital to do it. If your case is the second, do not worry, it is not impossible to invest when you have a limited amount of money.

According to investors quoted by MytripleA, Warren Buffet and Jack Bogle recommend that “a good step to give to start the journey towards investment” is to save the money that you earn and once you got the a considerable amount, invest it.

But if you wish to start learning smartly from the investment world, you can get the advisement of the author, podcaster, speaker and enthusiast of money, Moris Dieck.

In Dieck conference, which is mentioned by Entrepreneur, called “to make money, you need money”. The author shared that to start investments you would just need 70% of your head and 30% of your money.

Among the seven tips that he mentioned, there are:

The importance of constantly education regarding the investment instruments; know to take some prudent time when facing an investment opportunity; understand the expenses and commissions that it brings; investigate about the reputation of the site or company; search other options; have into account the time that you must wait to see the benefits; and, you must know that the responsibility is shared together with the financing entity.

Having into account the previous tips, you could choose smartly where to do your first investment.

There are diverse ways to start with little capital. One of them is through Crowdlending, which consist on financing companies or projects (with multiple participants) and that allow financing without going to the bank services.

Also, you can spare your money in credit, technology or company portfolios that are emerging and that have a great impact in the present time and in the future.

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