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Imuka: The Colombian startup that is setting as platform for software developers

Here, we had the opportunity to have a conversation with the head behind the startup Imuko, the CEO, Tatiana Prieto. In the interview, Tatiana shared how the creation of the software company originated, the reason of its success, which has set on the panorama, and how she thinks technology is doing in Colombia.

Who is Tatiana Prieto and how was Imuko conceived?

Tatiana Prieto is an electric engineer, entrepreneur and has a constant learning process in a personal and professional level, who searches to give a more human touch to technology. She believes strongly that nowadays we all need a software developer and she shared that when she decided to create Imuko, she jumped into the void and decided to startup.

On the conversation, Tatiana shared how the company started, she said that Imuko was born when he saw the necessity to give support to small companies in their process of digital transformation.

Imuko gives its services by hours, weeks or months, this would depend on the requested project. Thanks to the schedule flexibility and to the remote works, people who know to develop software and that want to start to generate incomes, they can register in the website of Tatiana.

Colombian talent and technology

Regarding as how the Colombian talent is doing in technology, the CEO said that it is good and they did not have anything to envy to other countries, nevertheless, they had to make great efforts to a technical and bilingual level.

Also, she exposed about how the demand of the digital platforms is doing at the moment of startup. She said that the demand has increased highly for technological platforms, as is something that has become mandatory. She expressed that we had to start digitizing all the business despite the sector where you are working and the demand had increased exponentially.

Related with digital transformation that Colombia has been living, she shared that, in that moment, it was a boom and, today, is a need for all of them. She said that we had to start digitizing and start the road to the digital transformation due to this being the only way that our jobs and business needed to survive to the fast changes that they have been facing.

Imuko, a startup with social sense

This Colombia startup has also a great reason in pro of the community as Imuko does not only work for the benefit of the companies, but, also, has a great reason to impulse since Tatiana wants Imuko to be a social startup that gives opportunity to developers that haven’t had the possibility to study in formal institutions; but, contrary to it, they had learned by their own and, additionally, those who lived in isolated zones of the country.

If you need the best talent in software development for your company or startup, you can contact with at anytime. Its CEO said that Imuko is a company located on Internet, there are no frontiers. With a team work of more than 350 developers, you can find the ideal crew for your business.

At the same time, if you are interested in working with this company, you can register as developer, you just need to fill an application with: your full name, e-mail, password, country of residency, city, mobile number and write a short description about yourself. Remember that it does not matter if you learn software developing by yourself, at Imuko, they are open arms for you.

Nowadays, Imuko works with people from Colombia, Peru, Chile, Spain, Costa Rica, United States and Ecuador. In Canada, you don’t have to worry, they would help you too.

If you need developers in .NET, PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, DevOps Engineers, Ruby, Mobile Developers, React, an others, or if you are not sure about what you require, in the website, they will guide you.

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