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Micro-influencers: the big scam which offers ads to ghost followers

Fake influencers have become in the nightmare of companies that use the marketing of social influence for their campaigns.

The concept influencer has become in a global phenomena and, although it is not a secret that these people earn thousands of dollars just for promoting products in their social networks, every time more brands fear to advertise with an influencer that has bought armies of “followers” that use bots, or ghost followers, to simulate interactions.

In spite of, the micro-influencers being users that have a more reduce reach, normally, between 500 and 10,000 followers in their profiles and it is believed that they have a great credibility regarding a specific topic and a closer relationship with their followers, these people are not out of buying followers.

Many companies that choose influencers marketing prefer to advertise with micro-influencers, as they have a small audience but it is loyal and they move in a specific market niche, where their influential power is big, although, the community that receives it is small. Instead of the benefits that can be advertise with a micro-influencer, you must have special care of not losing the investment when working with a person that have in their Instagram account about 17,000 followers and their publications don’t reach the average of 500 likes.

What happens with these accounts? Every time is more common to find people that believe themselves micro-inlfuencers and advertise with companies which won’t have a return in their investment because the campaign is being directed to “ghost followers”, where there is not a community created, there is not loyalty nor popularity.

The micro-influencers specialize in a niche where they create valuable content that turns out relevant for their followers. In fact, they can be real experts in the thematic that they deal with due to the influencer marketing giving importance to the number of followers in the social networks. Micro-influencers have become in a regular practice the buying of followers and this can be seen when doing a following of their profiles, for example, there are micro-influencers that in spite of having more than 21,000 followers in their publications, there are not relevant comments, the likes are insufficient and the interactions are minimal, these are some of the signs that indicate that this person is part of the group of the scam of micro-influencers that offer publicity to their ghost followers.

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