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The richest man in the world multiply his fortune in the last days

Jeff Bezos, the executive director of Amazon, is increasing more each time his richness as he sold over US$3,000 millions in stock this week. On 2020, the e-commerce company increase its value 75%.

According to Forbes, in the middle of the electoral crisis that was lived between Monday and Tuesday in the United States, Bezoz sold Amazon stock for a value of US$3,000 millions. The portal estimates that after taxes, the creator of this empire would earn US$2,300 millions.

In the months of 2020, Amazon CEO has sold more than US$10,000 millions in stock. On February of 2020, previous to the quarantine due to CoVid-19 and economical affectation, Bezos sold US$4,000 millions of his stocks. On August, the amount of selling was of US$3,100 millions.

From documents presented by the Stock Exchange Commission, it was shared that there were sold a million of amazon stocks, which each one was valued between US$2,950 and US$3,075, on the first week of November, which is 1.8%.

Also, Forbes remembered that Bezos has committed with the charity. On February, he decided to create “Bezos Earth Fund”, starting with a donation of US$10,000 millions, which would be used to fight against the climate change.

On 2018, he promised US$2,000 millions to help beneficial organizations that work in pro of those families without a home. To add, he assured that the value given would be shared to start a red of preschools with non-profitable ends.

Although, Jeff Bezos likes to share its multimillionaire incomes on works for a common mean, he is still the richest person in the world, according to Forbes. His fortune rises to US$189,600 millions. The United States citizen still has 53 millions of stocks, which translates in US$170,000 millions.

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