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These are the online post-grade studies to consider if you want to improve your curriculum

If you already finished your university career and you are looking to expand your knowledge and experience field regarding one or different topics, here, we tell you which are the online post-grade that you must consider if you want to improve your curriculum.

In a post-grade, you can study some related branches with your university career and improve your knowledge or, also, you can opt to jump into another type of knowledge that complements your CV. This would depend of the career, in some cases, they request previous and basic knowledge about the general topic.

  1. E-commerce

The E-commerce is an area that is constantly moving today and, even, more due to the pandemic of CoVid-19. In general terms, this type of study consist in the marketing, distribution, sale and buying of products or services through internet.

Remember that there are four types or e-commerce: Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Consumer to Consumer and Consumer to Business.

Nowadays, there is a boom in the e-commerce as just checking the ciphers of the increment that had Amazing on the first trimesters of 2020. Forbes shared that in the month of July, the company of Jeff Bezos has already earned US$570,000 millions in sales.

  1. Project Management

This post-grade relates directly with the business area, the universities that have this master degree search to send to the market to professionals that are complete and organic to accomplish the goals of a company.

In the Universidad de Barcelona, they teach you project strategic direction, management on reach and financing of projects, quality project management, acquisition management, contracts and legal aspects in projects, human factor in projects and change management, integration and knowledge of project management, agile methodologies and its applications, and advance management of projects.

  1. Digital Marketing

Professionals in digital marketing are the most requested profiles for companies. According to universities and website of work market, a person that has a post-grade degree in digital marketing have 96% grantee of employment.

In the are, you could learn about SEO and SEM, social media, e-mail marketing, web o inbound marketing analytic. Also, you would learn about innovating tendencies, the technology tools that are in demand, you would learn about customer experience (UX) and about how to correctly use Google Ads, WordPress, Analytics, Hootsuite and others.

  1. Data Management

According to Business School, this post-grade offers keys to the management of the computational systems of an organization, where is centre the attention in Big Data.

This type of studio would allow you to define innovating strategies that help to improve competitive of the companies. Also, Business School assures that in the last years the clear improvement and efficiency that have had the commercial sectors have been presented due to the management of big volumes of data in a short range of time.

  1. Innovation and startup

This type of post-grade would be useful if you are in a company or if you want to have your own business. Keystone Master Studies explains that the professional that wants to learn about innovation and startups could develop a new business despite the risk that this involves in incomes.

This program would be ideal to give consulting to those that want to obtain their financial freedom.

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez assures that in the abilities that you will acquire you could: develop and strengths attitudes to innovate and startup, capacity to identify needs and generate changing responses, analyze variables of existence of opportunities, develop business models and capacity to implement a startup in an early phase projecting a local or global strategy.

According to Edinburgh University, the benefit of learning online is allowing you to be flexible with the time, which helps you to study taking into account your working and family obligations. In their syllabus, they explain that while their students are taking the virtual courses and, at the same time, they are working. Therefore, there are no excuses to improve your CV!

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