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Top 10: Important habits that you should cultivate

To cultivate responsible shopping habits is important for home economy as several people seem to be short or compromised with the money they earn, even, they are not able to meet ends sometimes.

Therefore, here, we share with you ten habits that would help your wallet.

  1. Be conscious and differentiate the types of buying that there are

According to the Centro de Investigacion de Mercados (CIM), there are shopping: impulsive or irrationals, suggested, remembered, pure and foreseen or rationals.

Here, we explain you the three most common: the impulsive or irrational buying is the one done when you hadn’t planned it, you just want to acquire goods or services for pleasure or for emotional stimulus.

The suggested acquisitions are when a person decided to buy something just to try it or because you saw it as recommended in the social networks. And, the foreseen ones are when you make the payment of a product that you need and it adapts to the consumer.

Now, do you know which buyer are you?

  1. Recognize what is the reason to buy it

Here is where you must let out your wise instinct. There is always a reason to buy something. It can be because you need it or just because you want it. When doing this introspection, you will know if you are doing a payment for a product due to an unconscious impulse or due to require it in that particular moment.

  1. Avoid acquiring goods or services that you know you won’t use

This type of shopping make part of the impulsive or irrational as despite you know you would probably not use such good or service, you decide to acquire it for its social value, low price or due to it awakening an emotion.

It is possible that in your life you won’t use it or want to “save it for later”. In stead of this, you can save that money, invest it or buy something that you really need it or you do know you are going to use it.

  1. Avoid people of places that impulse you to spend more

Have you ever experience that you have friends or that you go to places that impulse you to buy for no reason at all? This type of companionship or places can be called “detonators” as they can make that the biggest efforts that you have to avoid spending more goes away.

Therefore, try to make encounters or meetings in “neutral” places, so you can help your own economy.

  1. Buy knowing what you are going to take with you

When you pay for a product unconsciously, it usually does not matter the minimal detail, but this can make that someone have an unpleasant surprise when you try it.

Thanks to the reviews that are nowadays on internet, you can opt for a small video marathon, so, you know which are the benefits, usages and guarantees of such product.

  1. Buy healthy food

You might have heard that healthy food is more expensive than buying products high in sodium, sugar and carbohydrates. But reality is different, in the long term, it is more economical to have a good nutrition as among one of the advantages is the many benefits for your health.

According to an experiment done by the nutrition section of the Spanish virtual newspaper, El País; balanced breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner of a day, in a family of four people (two adults and two children), can be about €22.9, which means C$35,60; in a month, it would be C$1,068.

In the case of a family with the same amount of people but, with healthier food, the value is about €24.77, meaning C$38,50; per month, C$1,155.

  1. Set budgets and take fair amounts when you go shopping

According to the writer and financing advisor, Dorethia Conner, she suggest to do a list of two columns: in one you must write the products that you are acquiring and, in front of it, set the prices. This would help you to know how much money you would have to spend and this would avoid to take more cash than needed to buy unnecessary things.

  1. Do not shop in a hurry

Buying in a hurry might make you forget fundamental products, this could make that you might need to go back to the store and take more things that the planned.

  1. Save it

If you are following the previous steps, it is important to remember that is good to save as if you have some extra money, you could invest it or use it if you have a harsh time; it would be like a financing mattress that keep you safe and sound.

  1. Have fun spending

Reduce and set a limit to your expenses does not have to be boring, it just realizing that with time you are having a bigger save and an important one to invest or buy on what you like.

You work for your money, so, enjoy spending it and, from time to time, give yourself a gift, the purpose it not to suffer with your economy.

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