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Top 10: The best countries to live on 2021 after the pandemic

With the lockout that brought the pandemic for CoVid-19, the high rates of unemployment and the economic recession that are living some countries, Business Insider showed a Top 20 analyzing which would be the best democratic countries to move after being controlled the spread of the corona virus.

Here, we tell you which are the 10 countries to live in 2021. Also, we compared the date collected in the website analyzing the quality of life, education system, health sector and CoVid-19 treatment in the territories.

  1. Australia

Australia is set as the best option to go to live in 2021 as, even being 7.7% more expensive than United States, according to the index of Acceptance of Immigrants of Gallup, the country had a score of 7.98.

For United Nations, Australia is one of the countries that has a high rate of development and stable economy. Also, its education and health system are outstanding as the residents can enjoy of them for free.

Although, for some people, the Australian government has implemented several aggressive measures to avoid the increase of cases of CoVid-19. In the last hours, the southern state of Australia reported that they would ingress to a breaker block, this is due to the 36 infected people that were reported last Sunday and the wave that was produced in the state of Victoria, where there has already been 800 deaths.

Nowadays, the country has a total of 27,777 cases of SARS-CoV-2, there has been 25,328 recovered people and 907 deaths.

  1. Uruguay

Uruguay is the second best country to move in 2021. the cost of life is 34.8% lower than in United States. In comparison with other places of the world, the Latin American country has registered a low number of cases reported for CoVid-19, it has had a total of 4,208 infected people, 3,348 recovered and 68 deaths. This is due to the unified response of the nation facing the preventing measures against the corona virus.

According to the index of prosperity Legatum of 2017, Uruguay is one of the best countries in the region in economic growth, quality of life and richness in the territory. At the same time, it offers excellent health services and education for its families. Also, it is located as one of the most secured nations of Latin America, as was reported from data of Latin Security Index.

  1. New Zealand

According to Business Insider, New Zealand classified in the third position due to its low average of new cases for CoVid-19 and for its welcoming position towards the immigrants. Regarding the first scenario, the country has registered 2,008 cases, 1,919 recovered and 25 deaths.

In the report, it was indicated that the acceptance of immigrants toward the country is of 8.25.

The quality of life of the nation has been considered as high as it has great security, low levels of corruption, stable economy and educative system and first level health system, according to Growpro.

  1. Tunisia

Tunisia highlighted for its low cost of life of the nation and for its reduced number of cases that it has had since the month of July. In 2020, the African country has registered 81,726 cases of CoVid-19, 56,748 recovered people and 2,445 deaths.

According to Datos Macro, Tunisia is the 96th economy for its Gross Domestic Product. But, according to the Study of Global Tendencies of Talent of Mercer, the quality of life is in the 114th position of 231 cities of the world. It is believed that the education and health are slowly improving.

  1. Spain

Although, countries of the European continent had to set new measures to avoid the continues growing of the cases, Spain has the 5th position of best countries to live. The country with 1,51 million cases of CoVid-19, 150,000 recovered people and 41,688 deaths.

According to Better Life, the quality of life sets over the average regarding housing, incomes, work, security, health and patrimony. But, the educative system and the opportunities must improve, this according to the OECD as only 59% of the adults that between 25 to 64 years old population have finished their university studies, which is lower than the world average of 79%.

  1. Republic of Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius is an African country that has had a low average number of new cases for corona virus since the month of July. Until the present day, there has been registered 478 cases, 431 recovered patients and 10 deaths.

Data collected by Numbeo has classified that: this nations has the 130th economy for the amount of its GDP, it has a very low acquiring power index; in terms of security, incomes for property and contamination the level are moderated; and, in relation with health and cost of life are outstanding.

  1. Ireland

Ireland has its arms open for immigrants, according to the citizens that did the poll from Gallup. 84% of the participants believe that its are of living is an ideal place for new neighbors to arrive.

Four weeks ago, Ireland established a strict quarantine, “level five”, of six weeks to help contain the spread of cases for CoVid-19. This measure is the highest possible to analyze the risk of the cases of the pandemic. The country has 68,686 confirmed cases, 25,003 recovered and 1,995 deaths.

On 2019, according to UN, this European nation was the third country with the major index of human development, which relates with health, education and richness.

  1. Netherlands

Netherlands suffered an important peak of SARS-CoV-2 in the second month of the pandemic. Later, they seemed to achieve the plain of the curve, but, in the last days, there were registered some new cases. Nowadays, there has been registered 457,000 cases and 8,616 dead patients.

The quality of life, from the numbers and data of the OECD, presented by Better Life, Netherlands have the best balance between work and personal life. It is located over the average employment and incomes, education, health, security and environment.

  1. Botswana

One of the factors that helped Botswana to classify in the top 10 was its low average number of new cases in July due to its measures taken. The African country has registered 55.6 million cases, 35.8 million of recovered and 1.34 million of deaths.

The records of Numbeo shared that the index of life quality in Bostwana is of 99.16, which means very high. Regarding the acquisition power, cost of life and time of movement are considered as low or very low, but, regarding security and health, they are in high or very high levels.

  1. Portugal

The nation sets as the 10th position in the ranking. Nowadays, there are 236 thousand cases, 154 thousand recovered people and 2,632 deaths. Some hours ago, the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, presented that the European country has already established a group of work to prepare the distribution of the vaccine against CoVid-19.

Data from the OECD set Portugal over the average regarding housing, work, security and environmental quality. And, it was under the average the categories were incomes and patrimony, health, education and civic commitment.

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