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Top 10: The incredible Quebec City and the things that you didn’t know

Quebec is the biggest French speaking province in Canada and the most antique of north America. Its capital is the Quebec City, which is also the site where are all the oldest European settlements of the continent. The history of the city, culture, gastronomy and biggest events that developed around the snow, which make it unique.

Here, we tell you 10 things that you don’t know of the incredible city of Quebec.

  1. The old area of Quebec City was declared as Human Heritage by UNESCO
Picture taken from @tourtube

On 1985, the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) declared the historical district of the Quebec City as Human Heritage.

The buildings that were built in Old Quebec are between the XVII and XIX century. According to UNESCO, the city is an eloquent testimony of important stages of the European settlement of America; It was the capital of the New France and, after 1760, the new British colony.

If you go to the province, you must assist to this part of the history of the city.

  1. It is the only walled city of North America

The fortified walls that are in the city of Quebec were built about 400 years ago and this has an approximately 4.6 km long.

  1. The prestigious hotel Chateau Frontenac is one of the most pictured of the world
Picture taken from @picturesguyot

This historical hotel is one of the most popular and principal attractions of the Quebec City. The castle was built on 1869 by the Canadian Pacific Railway company and it was inaugurated on 1892. Its architect. Bruce Price, was inspired in the French castles that had high towers, steep roofs and attics with great attention to the detail.

  1. There is a museum dedicated to chocolate

If you like delights coming from cacao, the Choco-Musée Érico of Quebeck, would leave you speechless. According to Gourmet Urbano, they have a collection of 180 recipes and utensils from the XIX century. Also, you could observe professional bakers manipulating chocolate.

Before the pandemic, the galleries received 120 people per day.

  1. In the historical zone, there is a relevant Irish culture
Picture taken from @quartierartsquebec

The blog The Sophisticated Life shared that thanks to a journey done to the French speaking capital knew that there is a great influence from Ireland.

On the XVII century, the Irish inhabitants from France were sent to this region to help populate the zone. Nadeen, author from the website, assured that according to historians, 40% of the population of Quebec is from Irish descent.

  1. In the city of Quebec, it celebrates the biggest winter carnival of the world

The Winter Carnival of Quebec brings annually more than a million people. In the beginnings of the festivities, the french immigrants used the celebration to receive the Lenten.

Nowadays, it can be enjoy the activities on the snow, ice skating, watching talented ice sculptures and sleds travels.

  1. There is the Glace Hotel, one of the most majestic ice made inns in north America
Picture taken from @hoteldeglace

Although, it is not in the Quebec City, it just takes 30 minutes to get to the Glace Hotel, located in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier. The construction is made of ice and snow blocks. The housing in the igloo rooms is a -5 degrees experience.

Every year, it is build a new version of the Glace Hotel as it just last open from December until March, which is the coldest time between the two years.

  1. It is the major producer of Maple syrup

On 2017, Quebec produced 300 thousand barrels of maple throughout the almost 14,000 people that make part of the Maple Syrup Federation of Producers of Quebec, which means that in percentages this relates that the province generates 72% of the maple syrup of the world.

To this iconic syrup, it is considered as the “liquid gold” as is a star product and very requested in the breakfast tables.

  1. You could go to the oldest groceries store of the northern region
Picture taken from @lokelyapp

Although, right now, it is temporally out of service, JA Moisan Epicer, is the oldest grocery store in the north of America. It was founded on 1871 and it is recognized for having a high quality of food selection of all the world and products made in Quebec.

  1. In Quebec City, it celebrates the biggest festivity of the province

In the plateau, named the Abraham high plains, which are located in the south west of the city of Quebec, celebrates San Juan Bautista’s Day or the National Fest of Quebec. This is one of the most important festivities, such is the importance that within its 24 hours the inhabitants do not work.

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