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Want to immigrate to Germany? This is the complete guide of the requirements

Would you like to immigrate to Germany? This European country has a natural charming for foreign people due to its location and infrastructure, surrounds and job offers, entertainment, landscapes and culture make of this nation a perfect opportunity to start a new adventure. If you are interested, here, we give you the complete guide of requirements for you to go and live there.

  1. Learn to speak German

You might get a job that require staff who speaks English, but to be able to talk with your workmates, boss and other people, it would be fundamental to know German. Therefore, we recommend you that before requesting the visa, you make some courses to strength the language.

  1. Have into account your profession

When you request a job, you must take into account that in certain sectors more requirements are demanded than in others, this according to the internal operations coordinator of Colombia de Futuro in Germany Andrés Felipe Carreño, who was quoted by the newspaper El Tiempo.

According to Carreño, nowadays, it is being required some workers in technology and healthy areas. He mentioned that the higher the degree would be to certified in medicine, there would be more requirements for you to practice it. But, if you work in the construction industry, customer service or the gastronomic world, which are called no regulated, they won’t require so many conditions. Besides, you can take advantage of the numerous calls that this positions have in the European country.

  1. Why do you want to go to live to Germany?

According to the official website, to go to live in Germany, you must have a valid reason, among them are:

* Immigrate to work

* Immigrate to study

* Immigrate to start a business

* Immigrate for family reunions

* Residential permission to immigrate to Germany

  1. Select your visa

For those citizens that live out of the European Union, there are several visas that can allow you to stay in Germany for more than 3 months. Here, were tell you which are the most common:

* Temporary residency: This is necessary to request a temporary job. It is usually valid between one and three years. This permission can be renewed, but it would depend of the situation and the reasons you have to extend your staying.

* Blue Card of the EU: This type of visa has better conditions for those immigrants that are highly qualified and that are moving to Germany with their couples. It is valid for 4 years and to request it, you must demonstrate that you have annual incomes of €50.800.

* Au Pair: This visa is very common among young adults. It is perfect if you want to learn and strength the German language or if you want to get a closer experience with the culture of this nation.

  1. Pay the fee of the German visa

According to, before going to the interview to obtain your visa, you must pay a fee of €75 for your permission to be processed.

You must know that if you do not surpass this filter and your request is denied, Germany won’t give you back the visa fee that you invested.

  1. You need to prove that you have financial stability

Different from the motivation that you have to request your visa to Germany, you must prove that you have the economic funds needed to live in the European country. This are the known initial funds as this funds would help you pay for your expenses while getting your first payment.

  1. Have a German health insurance

In Germany, you must acquire a health insurance of the nation as when an emergency happens you won’t be rejected for having a foreign coverage.

This insurance must have: a minimal coverage of €30.000, covers Germany and other member governments of the Schengen area, guarantees and attention of medical expenses, be sent back to your homeland for health reasons and approval in case of death.

The website recommends that an insurance that fulfill the previous characteristics is Provisit-visum of DR-WALTER, they would send your insurance online for you to present it in the embassy or consular installations when going to request your visa.

  1. Obtain a bank account

According to Make it Germany from the German Federal Government, to acquire a bank account it is necessary if you want to rent a flat, doing shopping throughout transference or for you to be deposited some money. For this steps, you must go into a bank, present your passport, if you require a checking account, you must notify how much money would in be transferred monthly and justify the reason for having that account in Germany.

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