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What do you think about living in Dubai? This new program allows you to do it while you remotely work

How about enjoying the United Arab Emirates while working remotely in a company that is in your home country? Well, now, it is possible thanks the a new program! If you are interested in living in Dubai and want to know more about this visa that allows you to be in this location for a year. Keep on reading.

“Many of us do not need to share an office with out colleges or workers, then, why staying home when you can work from Dubai?” this is the slogan of the project presented for this visa.

This program of remote work is valid for one year, it has a price of US$287, and, also, you must pay the health insurance with coverage in United Arab Emirates and the fee for processing every person.

You must know that the payment of the fee of processing does not guarantee the approval of the requested permission.

To postulate, you must have: valid passport for at least six months more, health insurance with coverage in UAE, certification of remote working with an employee that has a valid contract of one year, minimal incomes of US$5,000 per month, payment roll of the last month and bank records of the most recent trimester.

When arriving to Dubai, you would have access to public services, telecommunications and studying options.

If you are the owner of a company and want to enjoy also of this program, you must present the certification of the property of the entity for a year or more, the monthly incomes are minimum US$5,000 and your bank records of the last three months.

Besides, according to Lonely Planet, quoted by Intriper, this visa in the long term would allow you to do activities that only the citizens of the coutry are allowed to do as registering their children in local educative centres and open a bank account.

If you have doubts about the manage of the pandemic for CoVid-19 in Dubai, the website Visit Dubai exposes that this city has opened its tourism thanks to the management that has been developed regarding hygiene and security norms in all the city, with it, you can already enjoy of the beaches, parks, hotels and open restaurants.

Also, Dubai received the seal of “secure journey” from the World Council of Travels and Tourism and the seal of “Dubai Assured”, which support the bio-security measures that have been taken in the city.

Nowadays, in the United Arab Emirates has been confirmed 163,000 cases of CoVid-19, 151,000 patients recovered and 563 dead people.

So, if you wish to enjoy a destination that offers a secure and dynamic life style, that allows you to enjoy the sun, sea and sad, you must pack as Dubai is waiting for you to spend your work time being happier.

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