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Yellowstone: 10 things that you might not know

The National Park Yellowstone is one of the biggest and most stunning parks in the planet. It was founded in 1872 in the United States.

Usually, the tourists invade the National Park Yellowstone to explore its thermal waters, its dense concentration of Geysers, and its muddy zones. The park has become in one of the greatest centres of natural beauty of the United States, being famous for its extensive landscapes, geological structures, flora and fauna. Let’s know the 10 most interesting data about this incredible national touristic destination.

10. Yellowstone has the most famous geyser in the world

Old Faithful is the most famous geyser in the world but it is not the tallest geyser in the park. It is precisely Steamboat Geyser, the active tallest geyser of the world and it is located in Norris Geyser Basin, about one hours away from Old Faithful.

9. Yellowstone is the first National Park in the world

The National Park Yellowstone is the first of type in with world. It was delimitated and formally created by the United States Congress, and by the former president Ulysses S. Grant, on March 1st in 1872. There were only three expeditions that explored the area from 1869 to 1871 before Yellowstone were protected.

8. It has the alpine lake of North America

The lake Yellowstone is over 7,733 feet over the sea level and the average temperature of the water in summer is about 47 Fahrenheit degrees.

7. Yellowstone has half the hydrothermal characteristics of the world

This National Park has over 10,000 hydrothermal characteristics. Yellowstone have more than half the world provisions of geothermic characteristics and approximately 75% of the geysers in the world.

6. One of the biggest active volcanoes in the world

Yellowstone is a supervolano. 2.1 million years ago happened the first great eruption of Yellowstone volcano, which covered more than 5.790 square miles with ashes. Since the last eruption has passed about 70,000 years.

5. United States Army used to control the park

For 32 years, the military controlled the park. The army forces watched over the park until 1918, when the National Park Service establishment took over the participation of the military in Yellowstone.

4. The park has a big amount of fauna

In Yellowstone live more than 50 of mammal species, 18 fishes species, 6 reptile species, 311 bird species, 4 amphibious species and 5 species in danger of extension.

3. Every year, Yellowstone registers an average of 2,000 earthquakes

In 1959, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake took the lives of 28 people. According to the data, in 1985, there were more than 3,000 earthquakes and, nowadays, it registers about 2,000 in a year. Most of them are not feel by the visitors.

2. Yellowstone has its own Great Canyon

Created by the erosion of Yellowstone river, the canyon has over 1,000 feet deep, 1,500-4,000 feet wide and, approximately, 20 miles long.

1. Yellowstone is known world wide for its buffalo herd

Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where buffaloes have lived continuously since prehistoric times. The herd of the park decrease to just 23 animals by the end of the XIX century. Approximately, 5,500 buffaloes live today in Yellowstone, which is the biggest and most antique herd of the country.

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